Monday, 26 May 2014

More Horse Pics on Monday

Hi everyone! This is my second post! ☺☺ And here are some more horse pictures for you, I hope you enjoy. ☻♥☻♥☻♥☻♥☻

I keep seeing these beautiful freckled horses on Pinterest and have never seen one in real life :(  Absolutely gorgeous!

I've always been partial to the Palomino's...and I think by this picture you can see beautiful!

...absolutely gorgeous- Looks like a horse I used to lease when I was in High School named J'Lan

"You are a great champion. When you ran, the ground shook, the sky opened, and mere mortals parted. Parted the way to victory, where you'll meet me in the winner's circle, and I'll put a blanket of flowers on your back." - Dreamer

I'm actually terrified of horses, but this horse is beautiful!

Wild Horses. Makes me heart melt. Such amazing animals.

Appaloosa colt ~ the Nez Perce people of American Pacific Northwest developed the original American breed.

adorable baby horse

Nothing cuter than a baby horse!

Baby Horses - Cute Photos

WHAT IS THAT??!?!!??!-horse

Mare and Foal - This way little one says Mama herd bonding 8x10 Photographic giclee print

baby horse

This Saddlebred breed foal, originated in Kentucky on the Southern plantaions. Their training history has brought them to be able to be taught a 5-gait walking variety. They are exagerated high steppers and can compete in several disciplines, including dressage. This pretty baby already has his breed's traits showing up! He's beautiful!

"The morning of life is like the dawn of a day, full of purity, visions, and harmony." ― Chateubriand

~~Ippo a rare baby Zonkey ~ foal of a male zebra and female donkey~~

^This isn't a horse, but I just had to show you! This is a donkey/zebra. SO CUTE!!
Bye for now...
 Cherise ♥☻☺♥☻☺

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Horse Pic Monday

Hey! My name is Cherise and I am a new blogger. I love horses SO much! ♥♥♥♥ This is my first post...all pictures are from Pinterest...I hope you enjoy looking at them and wishing these horses were yours! ☺☺☺

Horse and cat share a tender moment as the winter snow gently falls.


I've never been lucky enough to own my own horse yet. But I'm pretty sure that when I do, he will be as wacky as this haha

Spanish mustang (Equus caballus) standing, long mane, Wyoming, USA

There is something in the bible about how god took the north wind, condensed it and called it an arabian...

Sonora and Her Diving Horse

Howdy!  Go to or just click on photo for home videos and much more on sites like this.
Sorry, but I couldn't leave this cute donkey out, even though it's not a horse! I named him big ears. ☺

"The world is best viewed through the ears of a horse." - REPIN if you agree!

memloves:    white horse with flowers on We Heart It -

I love this horse's color! I so want a horse like this when I can afford one.

What an unusual coat


this is so cute!
My caption for this one: wow, you kiss good...

Did you enjoy it? More coming soon - next Monday!
Cherise ♥♥♥♥♥♥☺